Winter work at the wineries

Marti Macinski tells it like it is at Standing Stone Winery.

We know you think that winter is quieter than the hustle and bustle of summer and fall when all’s abuzz. Many of you assume we close down for the cold season, for lack of things to do. Not so! Todd and Jim have been out in the chilly vineyards mending trellises, replacing posts, clearing trees from the headlands and cleaning up in general. On weather challenged snow and sleet days, they keep very busy fixing and maintaining our 6 tractors and 2 sprayers. At least one day each week seems to call for some pretty vigorous plowing and snow removal, so that customers (some of you!) can find their way into the tasting room. Soon the vineyard team will begin pruning.   In the winery, Jess has pressed and fermented the 2016 Vidal Ice and 2016 Riesling Ice grapes and we’ve bottled more Smokehouse Red.  She’s setting up the racking and filtering schedule so we’re ready to begin bottling at the end of March. Everything, by the way, is delish!

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