Wine and Veggies—May 7, 2016

Seneca Lake Wine Trail is hosting a NEW event!

This is one of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail’s newest wine and food pairing events. The member wineries will be preparing many innovative vegetarian dishes, and pairing them with their excellent wines.  Regular tickets purchased in advance are $25 per person.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about wine and food pairing.  Remember to always try the wine first.  This gives you an opportunity to taste the wine by itself.  Then take a taste of the food and a sip of wine.  Many times the taste of the wine seems to change as you pair it with the food.  Great fun and WHO doesn’t like to eat and drink?!

This is a ONE day event on Saturday only.  Get the most out of your tickets with a knowledgeable designated driver to get you to as many wineries as possible.  These new events are lots of fun and less crowded than the standard events.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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