Time for the Govenor’s Cup!!!!!

On Monday evening at Lakewood Vineyards, we’ll have our annual Welcome Dinner for judges and staff of the New York Wine & Food Classic, with the main judging on Tuesday and the Sweepstakes round on Wednesday morning.

This year we have another record number of entries (969) that will be evaluated by 22 expert judges from around the country and beyond.  They include wine educators, retail wine buyers, restaurateurs, wine writers and others whose professional lives revolve around wine.  But they couldn’t do their job–swirling, sniffing, sipping, and spitting–without an incredible backroom crew

The Classic is essentially “The Oscars” of New York wine, and the winning wineries get huge immediate sales.  The Governor’s Cup award goes to the single best wine in the entire competition, while Winery of the Year goes to the winery with the strongest overall showing.  For the past several years, by total coincidence (all wines are tasted blind), the Governor’s Cup has gone to a Finger Lakes wine and Winery of the Year to a Long Island winery.

If all goes as planned, we’ll announce this year’s winners on Wednesday afternoon.  Stay tuned.

 Portions taken from New York Wine & Grape Foundation newsletter

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