Accolades from Wine Magazines

According to James Tresize at the New York Wine and Grape Foundation:

Wine & Spirits magazine’s “Top 100 Values of the Year” included both Dr. Frank 2014 Semi-Dry Riesling (92*, $15) and Wagner Vineyards 2012 Cabernet Franc (88*, $15).

Wine Enthusiast’s “Spring Ahead” article touting the delights of Dry Rieslings as a summer sipper included several recommendations from major Riesling producing regions around the world.  Keuka Spring 2014 Dry Riesling (90*) from the Finger Lakes.



The numbers in parentheses* are the score from each wine magazine.  Any score in the upper 80’s or 90’s is extraordinary.  The top rating would be 100, but this is a nearly unattainable score.

It’s a great time to enjoy Riesling in the Finger Lakes!!!!

Castel Grisch re-opens restaurant with new theme

Castel Grisch at the Southern end of Seneca Lake is having a Grand Opening on May 6 for the new restaurant theme.  Stop in and see the changes that have been made.


Beer News

Hops are in short supply because of increase in the popularity of craft breweries. Therefore, farmers throughout the region are coming back to this age old industry of growing hops. Hops are cone shaped plants that are grown on an 18 foot tall trellis system. With new laws in New York State, there is a huge need for more hops. The new laws require that local craftsmen use an increasing percentage of local hops, barley, and oats. Maple and Hickory sap are also used to give the crafts beers additional flavors! Wow! Who knew?!!!!

Wine and Veggies—May 7, 2016

Seneca Lake Wine Trail is hosting a NEW event!

This is one of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail’s newest wine and food pairing events. The member wineries will be preparing many innovative vegetarian dishes, and pairing them with their excellent wines.  Regular tickets purchased in advance are $25 per person.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about wine and food pairing.  Remember to always try the wine first.  This gives you an opportunity to taste the wine by itself.  Then take a taste of the food and a sip of wine.  Many times the taste of the wine seems to change as you pair it with the food.  Great fun and WHO doesn’t like to eat and drink?!

This is a ONE day event on Saturday only.  Get the most out of your tickets with a knowledgeable designated driver to get you to as many wineries as possible.  These new events are lots of fun and less crowded than the standard events.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


Fall and Winter 2015-16 in the Finger Lakes

Sunsets in he Finger LakesWow! Time gets away from me. This fall and winter has been wonderful. Due to the warmer winter, we have experienced, we have continued taking folks around the Finger Lakes visiting wineries, breweries and cideries.   This is the first week we have experienced true winter weather and still there is not much snow around the Seneca Lake.   I spend my days off the trail learning new things about the Finger Lakes, the wines, the beers and the cider.   I have had to expand my knowledge since there are now over 150 breweries in New York State with many of them here in the Finger Lakes region. It seems as though each trip along the lakes shows more and more buildings rising from vacant lots. Many of these are breweries. Beer is not my first love, but I have tasted some of them along Seneca and Keuka lakes and found them nearly as complex as wine.

This is a fascinating and beautiful area to live in, and I enjoy each day with the many faces the lakes shows. If you are able to visit, the winter and early spring are fairly quiet and there is more opportunity to chat with the winery or brewery staff about the samples and their production.

Right now I am looking out over Seneca Lake with a haze on the West side of the lake caused by falling snow. The lake is rather serene today compared with recent days when the wind whipped the water in angry looking waves with white caps galore. A heavy snowfall would be looked upon favorably by the winemakers and vineyardists at the wineries as a snow cover protects and insulates the crown of the vine from the freezing temperatures. No one knows at this time if there has been damage to the vines with our temperatures fluctuating from warm to freezing. Only time will tell as the saying goes.