Sample Tours

Whether you are an seasoned wine drinker or a novice, we can accommodate your preferences on our tours.  Dry wine has less sugar and usually has different levels of flavors.  Sweet wines are generally characterized as fruity and sugary.  Our drivers have the experience to give you an experience whichever kinds of wine your prefer.

We pick you up at your hotel, motel,  bed and breakfast or campground.  After a short chat, we determine what your perfect day will consist of.  If you have been here before, you may have some stops which are a “must do” for you.  Or perhaps, you would like to find some new favorites.  Our drivers know the area and the wines, we can make selections for you which we know you will enjoy.  Our selections are wineries where we know you will receive a warm Finger Lakes welcome.  The wineries know the class of people we bring in and they offer you a special experience when they see our drivers and know that you cared enough to hire a competent company.

Grapevine Country Tour guides know the Finger Lakes like no one can except a native of many years.  We can offer you the expertise of years of experience with motorcoach groups.  We can set up tours to:

Historic homes

Wineries and breweries

Scenic drives along those hidden roads in the Finger Lakes

Delightful boat rides on one of our lakes or on the Canals in the area


Casino trips

Women’s Rights Museum

Erie Canal Museum

George Eastman House

Culinary experiences


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