Bottomless Brewing near Geneva, NY

For most of my life, I have driven past this dairy barn just off Route 96A on East Lake Road.  Pretty much there was nothing going on there most of the time, except for occasionally some hay being loaded onto a flat bed.  That has changed in the past few years!  Bottomless Brewery transformed into a hot spot of the region.  This is a farm brewery that serves their own beer which is brewed on property.  Among other brews, they have Cider, Raspberry Wheat, Belgian Wit, Pilsner, Pale Ale, and Oak Smoked Brown Ale.  Yesterday I took my couple in there as the final stop on their tour.  My couple was from the Scranton area and visit the area 2-3 times every year.  We met 2 couples from Michigan who had been traveling for 8 hours to get to the Finger Lakes and to Bottomless Brewery.  We chatted about the other breweries and wineries in the area.  The one couple had been here in the Fall and loved it so much that they wanted to bring some friends back, so here they were.  It just goes to show how far and wide our reputation has spread.  I am proud to live here and to be able to show off what we have!  These are some pics I took from the top floor at Bottomless Brewing.  Check out their website to see the progression from Dairy barn to brewery.

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